We offer a variety of workshops for those interested in personal enrichment and/or career development.  Workshops currently being offered are each 3 hours long and earn Continuing Education Credits.

  • Aqua Yoga Basics

  • Yoga History & Philosophy

  • Get The Moves - Aqua Yoga Asana

  • Aqua Yoga Anatomy

  • Adaptive Aqua Yoga

  • Getting Personal - Discovering Personal Practice

  • Keep It Flowing - Choreography & Class Management

  • Language & Savasana

Aqua Yoga Certification consists of all 8 workshops plus 6 hours of independent study plus 1 hour of one-on-one mentorship.  Workshops do not expire and participants are encouraged to take courses again for free when space is available.

" I used [these new techniques] in two classes this week...they LOVED it!"

- Cindy (instructor of 10yrs)

Workshops are being held in

Any of these workshops can be taken individually.

Follow links to register.

To host a workshop please contact Kara at Kara@PoB.life.

Aqua Yoga
Workshops & Certification

While there are so many avenues to expand your teaching, why not take advantage of one that is truly unique, truly for all bodies and truly pleasurable for you and your students!  Why just keep making ripples when you could

make a splash?

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Instructor Benefits

  • Quality, in-depth instruction

  • Hands on experience

  • Continuing education credits

  • Learn tools to create poses

  • Receive unwavering encouragement and continued support

  • Increased enjoyment in teaching

  • Free “refresher” courses

  • Certification

Student Benefits​

  • Increased flexibility, strength, endurance and balance

  • Raised awareness of movement

  • Injury, surgery and illness recovery support

  • Boosted acceptance of abilities

  • Mental engagement

  • Emotional well-being

  • Reduced pain

  • Improved sleep