There are currently no regularly scheduled group classes in Vancouver.  

We offer massage and Thai Relaxation by appointment with Chris "Tog" Tognetti.

Kara is available for online Integrative Movement Therapy sessions through, Zoom or Facetime.

In person Therapy, Thai Relaxation and yoga are available:

Feb 26- Mar 3

Mar 26-31

Apr 23-28

May 21-25

Be sure to schedule early as these weeks book  months in advance.

Slow Flow Yoga (All Levels)

Mon/Wed 9:00-10:00

Core 10
1090 Oregon Ave SE, Bandon, OR 97411

Discover Your Balance Movement Therapy for Seniors Series

Mon/Wed 10:00-11:00

Core 10

1090 Oregon Ave SE, Bandon, OR 97411
             Pre-registration suggested                          or call (541) 329-2250

Private Lessons

private group lessons, massage, Thai Relaxation, and Integrated Movement Therapy are arranged by appointment throughout the week.

Email to schedule a class