Integrative Movement Therapy

What is IMT?

In short, this form of Yoga Therapy is what you need it to be.  There are many challenges we face in life and IMT was expressly designed to accommodate your individual needs and healing style holisticly.

What is it good for?

Life challenges and medical conditions

  • reducing pain

  • coping with life changes

  • improving sleep

  • easing anxiety/depression  /compulsive disorders

  • healthy grieving

  • physical healing/easing the burden of injury or illness

  • finding  direction and balance in your life.

What does IMT look like?

Each session is highly individualized by the student and therapist.  IMT utilizes six core principles (structure and continuity, physical stimulation, language stimulation, social interaction, self-calming and direct self-esteem building) to provide a holistic approach. 

Adults & Teens - 60-75 min sessions include some discussion, physical movement and relaxation techniques. {$75-$90}

Children (and child-like adults) - 30-60 minute sessions include primarily yoga-based games and activities that build skills in a natural way.   Children can be seen individually or in small groups.

{$30- $75}