Aqua Yoga
Workshops & Certification

Make a splash with quality education right in your own pool.

Hosting Benefits

  • Increase variety of classes at facility

  • Grow student base

  • Student retention

  • Bring convenient training to instructors

  • Instructor retention

  • Free workshop spaces or create revenue

Instructor Benefits

  • Quality, in-depth instruction

  • Hands on experience

  • Continuing education credits

  • Learn tools to create poses

  • Receive unwavering encouragement and continued support

  • Increased enjoyment in teaching

  • Free “refresher” courses

  • Certification

Student Benefits

  • Increased flexibility, strength, endurance and balance

  • Raised awareness of movement

  • Injury, surgery and illness recovery support

  • Boosted acceptance of abilities

  • Mental engagement

  • Emotional well-being

  • Reduced pain

  • Improved sleep

While there are so many avenues to expand your teaching, why not take advantage of one that is truly unique, truly for all bodies and truly pleasurable for you and your students!  Why just keep making ripples when you could make a splash? Sign up today!

Hosts may choose to offer one, a few or

all of these courses.

Aqua Yoga Basics (a)
Master the basics of how to bring the benefits of water and yoga together. Deepen your knowledge of yoga theory and explore ways to share the information in a comfortable way. Learn how to adjust any pose to make it water-friendly.

Yoga History & Philosophy (b)

Ground your teaching in an understanding of the history of yoga. This fascinating culture, spanning thousands of years, is ripe with stories and philosophies of encouragement and growth. Practice offering these gems of wisdom in a community bridging way to inspire students to seek beauty and inner strength in challenging times.

Get The Moves -Aqua Yoga Asana (c)

Add variety to your aqua yoga classes with an abundance of new poses. Bring new life to poses with adaptations to fit specific pools, populations, props and goals. Learn how to make any pose a water pose.

Aqua Yoga Anatomy (d)

Familiarize yourself with the intricate anatomy of the human body and how it reacts to yoga poses and practices on land and in the water. Guide students more comprehensively through poses by learning to anticipate and articulate sensations they will feel through class.

Adaptive Aqua Yoga (e)

Discuss chronic and acute physical and mental challenges and how the therapeutic nature of water and yoga can work together to bring comfort. Learn how to adjust any move to make it appropriate for specific populations. Train in encouraging students' personal awareness and acceptance to increase confidence and ease.

Getting Personal -Discovering

Personal Practice (f)

Deepen your connection with students by developing your personal yoga practice. Enhance your teaching experience by exploring some of the many self improvement techniques yoga has to offer, from physical asana and meditation to service and gratitude. Grow with your students to create a space you will all long to return to.

Keep It Flowing -Choreography and

Class Management (g)

Bring it all together with natural transitions and an enriching atmosphere. Learn to choreograph aqua yoga poses to fortify the body and ease the mind. Develop techniques of inclusiveness and serenity to shape an optimum learning environment.

Language & Savasana (h)

Broaden your ability to instruct students with words of encouragement and comfort. Learn to formulate and present words in ways that are both global and personal to enhance the meditative qualities of yoga. Explore the basics of Yoga Nidra, Neural Linguistic Programing, and guided meditation to facilitate a truly effective teaching style.

Three new workshops coming in 2018!

Maybe you'd like to start with the basics of aquatic fitness or want to offer classes to bring on a sweat.  We've got those too!  

Email for details.

Facilities may host workshops open to community instructors and be given free participant spaces (1 per 5 paid registrations).

Point of Balance will provide advertising, take care of registrations, learning material and instruction.  These should be scheduled at least 4-6mo in advance.

Or, facilities may choose to keep workshops in-house.  Facilities take on the registrations and pay $80/contact hour plus (economic) travel expenses.  These do not require such advanced scheduling.

Facility Requirements

  • Lecture space 

  • A pool temperature of 84-100 degrees

  • Pool depth of 3-4.5 feet, about 25s/f per participant

  • Exclusive use of the pool for 1.5hrs for workshops a,c,d,e,g.  (Lap swimmers may be acceptable.)

Kara Knight is an Integrative Movement Therapist and experienced instructor and presenter.  Kara encourages individualized attention and guiding students towards physical changes that make daily living more enjoyable.

Her trainings are interactive, hands on and full of immediately implementable tools and tips.  She has been trained through the Aquatic Exercise Association, White Crow Yoga and The Samarya Center.

" I used [these new techniques] in two classes this week...they LOVED it!"

- Cindy (instructor of 10yrs)

Aqua Yoga Certification requires all 8 workshops plus 7hrs of additional assignments including 1 hour of private mentoring.  Workshops can be taken in any order and do not expire.  For more information please call or email.