Groupon eligible classes  *

A variety

of classes are offered to suit the interests and individual needs of each student.  You will find descriptions of each class below.  Please feel free to email us with any questions. 


Classes in the Pool



Aqua Power


This high-energy, shallow 

water class improves aerobic conditioning, strength, and total body fitness.



Super Fit Deep


A total body cardio workout  

with constant core engagement and no impact on the joints.  

Flotation equipment is used to stay afloat.



Aqua Yoga


This stress-reducing gentle

exercise class increases flexibility and balance.  Ideal for maternity, injury recovery, and improving land yoga practice.



Aqua Fusion


This class uses a mix of styles including the river to enhance your practice and keep you on your toes.



Gentle Moves 


 Improve range of motion

and joint health as you move through the  soothing medium of the warm water.  Improve muscle tone, flexibility, and balance.


Private Lessons &

Yoga Therapy




Based on individual, focused attention, this class produces the fastest results.  Choose your own goals and learn how best to achieve them.

Yoga Nidra

in Home or Care Facility

Give the body and mind what it needs

most to heal: time, and relaxation. Patients and their loved ones are welcome to join this guided relaxation class that eases anxiety and reduces physical pain.


Boot Camp

Build strength, stamina, and flexibility with traditional moves using up-to-date methods.

Yoga Therapy

Integrated Movement Therapy 

Yoga theory and techniques are used to

aid in easing discomfort from any of life's many challenges.

Parties & Groups

These are built to suit your needs.  We

offer childrens parties with yoga games; community, business, and church group classes to meet the abilities and interests of the group; even private glowga parties.  

Available in your space or ours.


Classes on Land



Flow Yoga*


Yoga poses flow together smoothly

with deep breathing practices throughout. Beginner to expert pupils will all benefit.

Slow Flow Yoga *

In this variation we slow things down focusing foremost on quality of movement and beneficial alignment.   In our chair option class, multiple options are given including  no chair, using a chair for balance,  or to sit on.  Students of all levels will grow from this inclusive class.



Yoga for Stiff People*


If you don't feel flexible enough to "do" yoga, join the club!  We'll explore the best techniques the east and west have to offer for getting you  limber quickly, safely and comfortably.



Yoga Nidra*


This guided relaxation class involves no physical movement.  It relies on many of the same principles as hypnotism to bring students into a subconscious state where they set their own life goal.  It is available in person or via conference call.  Email for details.



Free/Charity Donation

Yin yoga is a quiet practice on the floor where poses are held for 3-5 minutes, gently stretching the connective tissues, releasing muscular tension, and promoting deeper flexibility. After we connect with our bodies, we wind down with 20 minutes of seated meditation. Class ends with OM and mantra.  All levels class.

This is a Donation Based class.  Proceeds will go to a charity (chosen monthly).  Your best donation is the gift of your presence! 


Aerial Yoga 

Let your yoga take flight with this private lesson using a yoga hammock.  Passively deepen stretches and build strength and balance.  Beginner to advanced encouraged.





Find your inner glow as we flow through asanas and dance the night away underblack light. 

1 1/2 hrs, "light" refreshments.



Specialized Classes

Specialty classes such as

Chair Yoga

Tots Yoga

Family Yoga

Yoga Hike

are all in the works.


If you have a particular interest in any of these classes and would like to see them offered sooner rather than later, please contact Kara with your request at: