Do you want to make a direct impact on others? 

Do you wonder how you can help the people around you?

                                 " Kara Knight’s water yoga classes have helped my balance issues tremendously.  Kara                                      is so knowledgeable in all phases of our health issues – I feel like I’m taking lessons                                          from a Physician Assistant.  She has been so instrumental with our classes in helping                                      posture and informing us the best way to exercise according to our weaknesses and                                        our strengths.  She is very professional but has such a friendliness about her.  I’m so                                        glad I’m her pupil and also her friend."  -Lynne Gaston,  Vancouver, Wa.

            "My surgeon said I wouldn't be alive

            if I hadn't been doing water yoga before the accident."  -Louise

"Kara is an excellent instructor, I appreciate her explanation of all the exercise moves.  

I like that she not only explains what we are doing but why.  I like that she tells us how

to avoid injury on the moves that we do.  I like her visualization in our aqua yoga at

cool down.  I like her energy and her calm teaching style."  -Nita

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What's New?

Become a Certified Aqua Yoga Instructor in November!

Discover Your Balance with Yoga for You

Exciting News!

​Kara Knight is now  recognized by the

Aquatic Therapy & Rehab Institute

as a Continuing Education Provider

is a Certified Yoga Therapist.

We are passionate about helping you find your personal Point of Balance! Though most of our classes and therapy focus on physical movement we are here to support you as you develop your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.  We believe a holistic approach to fitness brings the most joy and is the easiest way to maintain optimum health.