Our new website location coming soon!

Vancouver Wellness Studio has been an amazing host for our group yoga classes since December, it will be hard for us to leave such a lovely, welcoming place, yet, it is time to go.  We will have classes as usual until the end of April (with a couple of exceptions).

                                  Sun 16th (Easter)
                                  Tues 25th
                                  Sun 30th

We will begin classes again in June at our new location near I-5 & SR500.  

Private yoga, Thai, massage, and Integrated Movement Therapy sessions are going strong. 

                                                                      Give us a call to set one up!

What's New?

Discover Your Balance with Yoga for You

 Aqua Yoga Certification RETREAT May 14th

We are passionate about helping you find your personal Point of Balance! Though most of our classes and therapy focus on physical movement we are here to support you as you develop your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.  We believe a holistic approach to fitness brings the most joy and is the easiest way to maintain optimum health.